The friends in the game are always an undeniable part of gamers every time enjoying a game. So, who impresses you the most?

A journey in the game world, for the most part, is not comfortable. At those times, we always need someone on the side to motivate, motivate, or guide us on how to be right. The friends in that game affect many gamers and are also memorable memories in each person’s hearts. In particular, some names mention that you immediately remember the memories with them.

Big Smoke

Những người bạn trong game không thể quên

There is no need to argue about Big Smoke’s intimacy and influence on the main character and GTA San Andreas. This fat guy is one of the most emotional characters in the game. It is a small wanderer, but Big Smoke has ambition and great desire. Not only that, but he is also very sympathetic to CJ, is one of those who welcome the player when he was released from prison. Perhaps, if it weren’t for the ambition, the two would not have had an outcome like this.

Although this guy later betrayed CJ, as well as trying to destroy the old gang and friends of CJ, in the end, his death still makes our gamers feel more sorry. Big Smoke is a role model for those who have grand ambitions but get lost in the way and pay dearly for their actions. Anyway, Big Smoke still affects CJ directly in one way or another.

 “Follow the damn train, CJ!" - Big Smoke.

Jackie Ma

As childhood friends, until later, although choosing a different path, the two still gave each other a beautiful friendship. That’s the description of Jackie Ma and Wei Shen, our sunken cops in Sleeping Dogs.

Những người bạn trong game không thể quên

To be fair to judge, Jackie Ma is a pretty useless friend: small, weak, and not fighting at all. His greatest strength is probably teasing his wind tirelessly and always trusting his friend Wei Shen. Take this guy to win the field, then make sure that people do it on the spot.

However, his death at the end of the game made the player fall. Jackie was hung. Her stomach was split in half. More surprising than the one who caused his death was Pendrew, Wei Shen’s superior, who always claimed to be doing justice. This event puts Wei Shen in danger and makes gamers think about the lines of good and evil we have been taught since childhood: Whether the “good people” side is perfect and imperfect guys are always wrong?


Living in a world full of bloodthirsty infected people is not easy at all, so accompanying your good friends is truly your salvation. And Joel and Ellie had made such a great friend: Tess.

There was not much information about Tess before the disaster, but at the time, she was only a little over 30. Joel and Tess met in the Quarantine Area in Boston, both quickly becoming a team. If Joel is the muscle that directly performs the actions, Tess is like the coordinating brain, planning, and everything. They are attracted to each other, and many times, Tess flirts with Joel and vice versa. A good match for a lonely world in The Last of Us.

Những người bạn trong game không thể quên

Along with Joel, Tess also participated in the journey to protect the girl who liked to swear Ellie to safety when the government troops were aggressively hunting them. It can be said that Tess helped and sacrificed a lot for both Joel and Ellie. However, upon reaching the Capital Court, the group is trapped in the pursuit of human enemies and the undead. Joel then discovered that Tess had been bitten, and she decided to sacrifice herself to give them both more time and before she became “that”.

The moment of leaving Tess alone is probably one of the most heartbreaking moments in The Last of Us. A friend in the game was memorable.


Will you continue to befriend someone who wants to climb your head up to your neck? Or do you want to accompany a person who does not hesitate to sacrifice you as a springboard to reach higher heights? If so, you’re Yoshi, the adorable dinosaur in Mario.

The best games should not be born. Among the millions of games taken since the beginning of the game, some bizarre games should not have been released.

First appearing in Super Mario World, Yoshi and Luigi are always Mario’s reliable companions. Yoshi himself later appeared in other games, including spin-offs. This dinosaur himself is also sovereignty with the power is rated very high. Yoshi can use his tongue to catch objects or opponents and use them to attack. Besides, Yoshi can also do more damage, overcome a few obstacles in a simple way, and also withstand an opponent’s attack for Mario. In general, having a friend like Yoshi has nothing to complain about.

Regrettably, the father Mario (and our gamers) hardly ever value that real affection. No matter how badly we treat him, a friend in the game will still help us get to the beautiful princess.

Những người bạn trong game không thể quên

That said, the friendship in the game is colorful and memorable. Although they are not real friends in real life, they are always unforgettable faces, a memory that reminds us back and forth fluttering.