Among the millions of games that have been born since the founding of the game, some too freaky titles shouldn’t have been released.

There are miserable canceled games like Starcraft: Ghost or Project Titan, many gamers regret because if they were released, it would not be a low-quality game as the manufacturer explained cancel the project. On the contrary, there are incredibly disgusting. Disgusting titles released that people wonder why no one can prevent them from being born? Their existence is a shame for the gaming industry and a reason for many social groups to show up whenever they want to call for a game ban. Let’s take a look at a few such games!

Chiller (1986)

Topping this list is the game that is banned from Britain and is considered the most violent game in the world. Chiller was an arcade shooting game, the most popular gaming platform at the time.

StarCraft: Ghost và những con game đừng nên tồn tại trên cõi đời này

If this game shot down targets or exterminated terrorists or monster zombies, there is nothing to say. Over here, this game shoots guns to torture people to death. You will use guns to slowly torture the people imprisoned in front of you in any way you want, from crushing your head to cutting off your head, screwing others’ heads, etc. In general, any type of physical damage you can do is free to do. The game also encourages players by calculating the likelihood of sabotage and the time you make them.

The most disgusting game of all time – P.10: Thrill Kill is a Mortal Kombat-style hospital collection, with all the craziest things people can think of.

I don’t understand any guy who thought of this genre, but more respectable than any guy who even agreed to release it. No wonder it is banned in many countries around the world is still light, but I would probably punch a few punches.

School Shooter: North American Tour (2012)

Say a game is not when this is simply a mod in the game Half-Life 2 only. But I always swear to create this mod that deserves to be exiled for exile because of its “intelligence”.

StarCraft: Ghost và những con game đừng nên tồn tại trên cõi đời này

Do not understand accidentally or intentionally, School Shooter: North American Tour allows players to shoot students, teachers, school staff with all types of ammunition guns that the game allows. Naturally, those innocent people did not have an inch of iron in their hands, only a desperate way to escape when the barrel of the gun pointed at them. The game is so detailed that when a victim hits a shotgun, the blood will splashback to the rear object, incredibly realistic (of course, with graphics at that time). A mod game only, need to be sophisticated and full?

And the best part is that its launch coincides with the social concern that games cause young people’s violence. Create a game at that moment, asking why people don’t curse up.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG

How to create an RPG game for life?

Create a game modeled after a real-life event, as impressive as possible. So Super Columbine Massacre RPG was a real fact into the game: the bloody Columbine school shootings of 1999 in Colorado.

Like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two murderers who carried out the shootings explored the killers’ plans and aspirations. Although not too gore, this game is so scandalous that people erupted in a series of controversies about whether the game encouraged violence or not?

StarCraft: Ghost và những con game đừng nên tồn tại trên cõi đời này

Compared to attacking aliens like StarCraft: Ghost, it is still not possible to understand why that day this game was allowed to launch.


This is a game that is rated as anti-social. However, it is based on the psychological evolution of real-life mass shooters. An extremist, bored, losing faith in people, spend the rest of his life planning to kill as many innocent people as possible to avenge this life. The film industry haloited this experiencing time with super products such as “The Silence of the Lambs”, but it is a different kind of experience for Hatred.

Những tựa game tốt nhất không nên ra đời

The point that Hatred was criticized was that it put the player … right into the role of the villain when he acted. According to the plot, this anonymous person loses all faith in life, is fed up with life, and sees society negatively. He decided to set out to cleanse humankind, meet anyone killed, telling police and army. He then devised a plan to destroy a nuclear power plant in upstate New York so that it exploded, dragging the entire population of the world’s most dynamic city.

Hatred was quickly removed from Steam after it joined the Greenlight program for indie games. The controversy over its validity made Gabe Newell apologize and restore the game before Greenlit officially released it in June 2015. Hatred’s many understandable values give it a reason to exist and are virtually not banned in major gaming markets, but it is still a dark experience when you play the role of mass murder madness.

Rule of Rose

If you are a loyal fan of the horror genre, especially with games like Silent Hills, you will surely hear about Rule of Rose. This is also one of the rare games that are completely banned in the UK. And too, one of the games that the EU questioned about its cruelty.

Những tựa game tốt nhất không nên ra đời

As described by an Italian magazine, you only really win when you have to bury other people alive. With such a cold-blooded mindset, Rule of Rose naturally emerges as a more controversial issue than a good game.

Those are just some familiar names. There are many games that the idea of the game maker is associated with the ocean of space, smuggling weapons, pushing the older woman into the sea,…Those games would instead not do out more.