Perhaps the unique mark that Infinity Ward wants to create for Warzone lies in reducing the importance of chance and allowing gamers to take revenge.

After two days of release, Vietnamese gamers must have had the opportunity to experience Call of Duty: Warzone, the free Battle Royale version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The release of the game for free is a wise move by Activision because it helps build a large gaming community from the outset, avoiding creating a very high threshold ($ 60) to prevent the majority. Gamers come to the game. In this article, I want to talk briefly about how I feel about playing Warzone, including the pros and cons.

Infinity Ward và những nỗ lực cân bằng sự may rủi của Warzone


With several players in each match up to 150, Warzone is designed for 3-person teams similar to Apex Legends but not too dependent on skill, and guns are still the critical factor (if enough risk, you can play solo). The trouble is still apparent in Warzone when gamers need to search and pick up equipment. What you picked is divided into many different levels, but these levels do not directly determine the damage that affects the number of attachments (attachments) installed on the weapon. Therefore, a higher-level gun can do less damage because it has a silencer. Gamers cannot change these components on their own, so higher-level guns aren’t always better.

But besides the element of chance that was “classic” in a Battle Royale title, Infinity Ward has made many efforts to reduce the importance of that chance. You will probably easily recognize these factors, such as the fact that all combat gamers will have a short time to practice in the lobby before the game. This area is randomly selected and facilitates players to get acquainted with weapons, movement mechanisms, and characteristics of weapons in the game, which is worthwhile if you have not played Warzone before. Gamers are also always equipped with a pistol and two armor pieces instead of bare hands, which allows them to protest when landing on the ground or revived after being knocked out.

Infinity Ward và những nỗ lực cân bằng sự may rủi của Warzone

But perhaps the most important effort to reduce the impact of chance on the game is the appearance of various revival methods. Previously, Battle Royale was synonymous with “death is all”; now, many games have created a revival mechanism to bring the opportunity to make a gamer’s life again. Warzone is similar, but it’s not just one, but … three different resurrection modes. You can defeat the enemy in 1vs1 matches in Gulag (can be seen as a shortened version of Gunfight), collect money on the map to buy a self-reviving bag for 4,500 VND, or wait for the team to collect enough That money to revive you.

As a result, gamers have a way to return to the game, something not seen in previous games. It meant unexpected situations – the group of enemies that you thought had been eliminated would probably return to take revenge. The case of losing ten could completely be turned into a convincing victory. Sometimes you can also reunite Gulag enemies and throw stones at each other (literally) to help your teammates win the intense duel. This unpredictable chaos is probably one of the essential parts of Warzone’s gameplay.

Infinity Ward và những nỗ lực cân bằng sự may rủi của Warzone

Similarly, Warzone’s item system, blood, and armor have had some changes to fade the role of chance. Infinity Ward did not choose to heal with items but let the character’s health bar heal itself over time, and the armor will only play the role of increasing your health (each piece of armor equals 50 health). They are also very generous in giving gamers extra armor: you can pick it up from the environment, in a chest, from an opponent’s corpse,…

Meanwhile, the game does not have the usual inventory, but only a limit on the number of items to bring. Bullets are also not divided by size, but by weapons (only five types of shots are machine guns, snipers, small bullets, shotguns, rockets), so you can pick up all the ammunition you see to preventive.

Call of Duty Warzone – Choáng ngợp trước chiến trường rộng lớn chất lượng cao

Call of Duty Warzone – Overwhelmed by the vast battlefield of high quality For gamers who first come to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, the free Battle Royale game mode called Warzone is an easy challenge.


An extraordinary factor that I realized when the Warzone was the high-rise buildings in the game has been simplified, perhaps to increase the game’s pace. You will only be shot from the ground floor or roof, so gamers do not need to watch each window or climb each staircase, explore every corner. This narrows the game somewhat, but when you remember the vast size of the Verdansk map, the limit on the number of floors of buildings no longer matters. Gamers also always have an endless number of umbrellas on their backs, so you can fully activate multiple times in one jump, creating flexibility in the movement without using future devices like Black Ops.

Infinity Ward và những nỗ lực cân bằng sự may rủi của Warzone

However, there is still a bit of injustice (not luck) in Warzone’s gameplay, as shown by Loadout’s appearance. Similar to PUBG ‘s “hearing”, the Care Package containers containing the player’s Loadout will be dropped and marked on the map. If you can access it, you will be able to use the loadout you created. The challenge here is that many Care Packages of many people fall together, forcing gamers to fight before getting to the reward. You can also spend money ($ 6,000) to buy a Loadout Drop Marker, but this is quite a large sum, and you also need to purchase resurrection bags in case of the worst case.

Here, players who plowed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a more significant advantage than newbies who just joined the game through the free Warzone. While previous players can use the loadouts they’ve unlocked and edited, newbies can only use some basic loadouts and don’t have any unlocked weapons or perks for them. So if you’re a new gamer, the Airdrop barrels are not as appealing as the “hearing” in PUBG.

Infinity Ward và những nỗ lực cân bằng sự may rủi của Warzone

As noticed, to save money to buy loadout is “meta” in Warzone, so be ready to “face down” when confronted with players who have played Modern Warfare before. This is a big problem in the early stages when the game is released because the difference in weapons, equipment, perk between old and new players is vast, but they will gradually be leveled over time. Fortunately, Activision currently has x2 experience for both weapons and characters so that you can pass this stage a little faster.


After the initial experience, I realize that Infinity Ward devoted much to balancing the luck and knowledge of old gamers with rookies’ experience. Warzone will undoubtedly be a new force in the Battle Royale village, and hopefully, the game will not be replaced quickly by the Call of Duty 2020 (rumored to be Black Ops 5).