Chapter 4 tells the unfortunate past of the protagonist Ratonhnhaké: ton while revealing secrets that the Kanien’kehá: ka family is protecting.

After the swinging trip with Haytham at the Grand Temple of the First Civilization, three years and six months later, I mistook for the story of Na Tra because I only considered Ma Dong Christmas. Nine months and ten days later, Kaniehtí: io gave birth to a healthy, healthy baby boy, each unlike his father (perhaps so by the time of her death, the two had never met again). ?). Trying to name the little boy named Ratonhnhaké: ton, in the Indian language Kanien’kehá: ka means “a bruised life”, referring to this young man’s struggle to survive. According to the Indians’ narrative, sometimes she missed Haytham, and the boy probably missed her somehow. She was satisfied that Ratonhnhaké: ton had her father’s features, but most of her were still like her mother, so the village community of Kanatahséton did not chain her. Seeing that her son was as big as his father, she was delighted, but she was afraid the boy inherited his father’s possessive nature.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered - Sequence 4

In 1760, at this time Ratonhnhaké: the young ton was out playing a game of hide-and-seek with the Indians in the village, but when the fun was going on, the boy was grabbed again by the Templar gang led by Charles Lee, who is still hunting for the exact location of the Grand Temple of the First Civilization. In an inquiry about the Indian village, Lee can be seen as a man who tends to disregard other races other than white when he thinks that Ratonhnhaké: ton and his villagers are like assassins. Of course, with the Europeans’ inherent hypocrisy in general or the Angels in particular, Lee still behaved politely by saying that the Indian kid was a child so that he would be on parole for this time. Before leaving, Lee did not forget to ask Ratonhnhaké: to convey his words to the village elders that want to be alone, accept the offer to buy his land with the Templar.

Although Lee has ignored Ratonhnhaké: ton, William Johnson is not comfortable to talk like that. Before going, he gave the protagonist a gun that makes the player can only grope back to the village in a very vague state because of dizziness. As soon as he arrived, Ratonhnhaké: ton realized that the town was on fire and his mother was missing somewhere unknown. After risking his way deep inside, where the houses were collapsing due to fire, Ratonhnhaké: ton also found his mother. Sadly Kaniehtí: io was injured and trapped when the heavy slats collapsed. Before the fierce fire swallowed the ill-fated young woman, she had the opportunity to tell her children to be brave, strong and try to survive for good, Kaniehtí: io will not abandon but always be with you, watch over and bless you.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Sequence 3

Story of Assassin’s Creed III Remastered – Part 3: Treasure cannot be opened. Haytham indeed loves Kaniehtí: io, but it seems that Templar’s love for the organization is more significant than his love for the Indians.

The plot of Assassin’s Creed III Remastered continued for nine years later. At this time, Ratonhnhaké: ton became a handsome Indian (compared to the Indians) but was profitable and tall, black and smelly. Possessing excellent hunting ability and many excellent techniques that can cause Bear Grylls to commit suicide because of inferior guilt, this young Indian is the idol of many other young men in the village. Once teaching his friend Kanen’tó: on his skills, Ratonhnhaké: ton has shown how versatile himself is and even has a leisurely hobby of collecting feathers. Silver-headed eagles on their nest. While managing all five types of meat, the two friends suddenly encountered a giant black bear. After being slightly injured, the yellow friend ran away in a panic to Ratonhnhaké: face to face with the fierce bear. Fortunately, our character, after a few QTE efforts, also defeated the bear and returned to the village.

During the adult ritual the tribe held for the youth that night, the village chief told Ratonhnhaké: ton that she would say to him all about the secrets Kanien’kehá: ka was protecting. According to old lady, the village of Kanatahséton was built on sacred land, and its settlers were tasked with protecting it from the unwholesome gaze of any force. Of course, the most effective way to hide this place is still hiding from the conflict, and the old lady also said that they have been in a dilemma for a long time, just under pressure to do something. When the enemy acts more and more, just knowing that any unwise behavior can have irreversible consequences. After Ratonhnhaké: ton touching the inherited sphere, the young man immediately entered the Nexus illusion and saw the goddess Juno and heard her explain a bit about the fantasy.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered - Sequence 4

In the form of a silver-headed eagle, Ratonhnhaké: ton followed Juno through trees, grasslands, mountains, and finally a very great set of roots. On the way, Juno also told him about the forces that are plotting to use the power from ancient times for bad purposes and reminds Ratonhnhaké: to search for signs of the Assassins’ Association to find him. Who can teach you the skills necessary for the oncoming battle? After Ratonhnhaké: regained consciousness, the elder thought that he was right and felt that it was time to take action if he wanted to protect the sacred land, but hiding forever would not solve it. She allowed him to leave and further reminded him that if something went wrong, head east to meet a mysterious person who once helped his mother.