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Will Fireflies only be supporting characters in part 2?

In The Last of Us, gamers can see Fireflies as the organization Joel confronted directly to rescue Ellie. It also throughout the entire story from the beginning to the end of the game. But in part 2, likely, Fireflies will only be a supporting character, giving way to another sect that Naughty Dog has not announced his identity.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

When the first trailer was released, fans thought that the man who died in the bathroom was from the Dom Dom organization. But when the developer revealed some information later, this speculation was tilted toward that mysterious cult. And the assumption that Dom Dom revenge Joel when killing their leader in the first part is no longer convincing.

Ellie’s mysterious scar

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

One of the essential details you may have missed is Ellie’s scar. In the second trailer, there are many characters with similar faults but below the eyebrows. It seems that this is a sign of a cult or organization. Each scar shape will be a little different to show hierarchy.

A member named Emily that the player was seen in the second trailer, had a scar under the eyebrow, a mark on the cheek. This is likely to indicate her position as a leader. So proves that the relationship between Ellie and the mysterious cult is extensive, having a direct impact on the entire happenings in The Last of Us part 2.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

Neil Druckmann once explained that there is a great significance behind Ellie’s scar, but he cannot disclose it at this time. Ellie may have met this cult before the events in the first part.

Ellie’s past will be revealed in part 2

In the first part, the leader of Fireflies, Marlene, said that Ellie’s mother, Anna, was very close to her. But that doesn’t mean Anna is part of Fireflies. Because of this intimacy, she could not join Marlene’s organization because the sect would involve Fireflies.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

The theory here was that for some reason, Anna was being hunted by a mysterious cult, but she was pregnant with Ellie. In the first part, we learn that Ellie’s mother died a few days after she was born. It is possible that Anna, after giving birth, Ellie entrusted it to Marlene, and she surrendered herself to the cult to ensure the safety of her daughter. Of course, after that, the sect continued to hide when he had completed the task of capturing Anna. And Marlene could not bring Ellie to Dom Dom but had to keep her moving all over the country because she didn’t want the sect to know that Anna’s daughter still existed.

Up to now, there is no evidence to support Ellie’s mother’s death. She could only create a false end to distract the cult. Maybe we will know better the whereabouts and the past of her and Ellie before meeting Marlene shortly or in the game.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

Joel’s shot at the end of part 1 changed everything

If the assumption of Marlene protecting Ellie were correct, Joel’s murder of Marlene would have made the cult know the existence of Anna’s daughter. Joel’s murder of Marlene will undoubtedly affect the course of the second season. Joel may have accidentally put Ellie in jeopardy. The relationship between Joel and Ellie will probably fork in The Last of Us, part 2.

Besides, if Ellie discovered the relationship between her mother and Fireflies as well as Marlene, Joel’s shot would surely shock Ellie. What would she face if she found out that her mother’s best friend’s murderer had been the one who had raised her for so long? It will directly impact Ellie’s thoughts and actions in this section.

Many gamers were curious about Ellie’s thoughts when he learned that Joel had lied to him at the end of the first part.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2

Joel will probably die at Ellie’s own hands

Until now, a lot of evidence shows that Joel is dead and will only appear in Ellie’s mind. But if the assumptions about Anna, Marlene, and the sect were correct, then Joel would have to be present to solve the problems in Ellie’s mind when she learned the whole truth about her past.

After all, the one who taught and nurtured Ellie the most was Joel. He understood what she thought and wanted. Both have a long way to learn and protect each other in the first part. Indeed, Joel could not die quickly in the second part. And I was thinking of a hypothesis. It was Ellie who fired Joel when the whole truth was exposed. If true, this would be one of the most shocking endings in video game history.

Dự đoán cốt truyện The Last of Us part 2: Những chi tiết có thể bạn đã bỏ lỡ P2


So far, the release date of The Last of Us part 2 has not been revealed. But based on the details installed by Naughty Dog through interviews, trailers,… surely The Last of Us part 2 will have a much more painful development than the first part. And Neil Druckmann himself once admitted that The Last of Us part 2 is much darker than the first.

Numerous assumptions about the relationship of Joel, Ellie with Marlene, Anna, and Fireflies and the other cult have been made. Of course, that’s my speculation based on what Naughty Dog has revealed. The real plot will be announced by the company shortly.