The plot, The Last of Us, tells Joel and Ellie’s story on a journey across the United States to find a cure to the world from extinction.

Continuing Part 1 of the storyline, The Last of Us, the Game sends you details of this game’s main story. Its evolution is divided into six chapters, each of which remains in the player’s heart indescribable feelings about human life. Read slowly to enjoy the plot of the blockbuster.

Chapter 1: Prequels

One autumn evening in 2013 in Austin, Texas, that day was Joel’s 29th birthday. After a stressful day at work, he came home tired, Sarah, Joel’s daughter, Still waiting for him. He was surprised to be given a new watch by his daughter. Birthday presents are late but still fun. Early in the morning, while they were still asleep, the father and son were awakened by an unusual sequence of noises in their home.

Joel discovers that the Coopers next door have strange signs. They seem to lose consciousness and tend to attack people. This forced Joel to find a pistol in the kitchen. While loading bullets for guns, neighbor Jimmy broke the glass window to attack the father and son. Despite being warned, Jimmy still has no intention of stopping, forcing Joel to open fire to defeat him.

At this time, Tommy, Joel’s younger brother, drove to the house to pick up the father and son. The three quickly drove out of the neighborhood. On the way to evacuate, they saw a commotion going on, and no functional forces controlled the current situation.

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Tommy appeared and defeated the young man during the critical time, but Sarah was not lucky enough to have been hit by a stray bullet and took her last breath at 12.

While fleeing, Joel and Tommy lost each other; holding Sarah in his arms, Joel struggled to escape from the city to return to the main road. Here Joel met a young man with a gun in his arms, claiming to be the army. He stopped the civilians and stopped them from moving and ready to shoot anyone who disobeyed orders. In the front, there was an army blocking the way, and behind them was a group of pursuing monsters, which forced Joel to have no choice but to rush forward.

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During the critical time, Tommy appeared and defeated the young man, but Sarah was not lucky enough to have been hit by a stray bullet and took her last breath at 12.

Chapter 2: Lower

It has been 20 years since that fateful night. More than 60% of the world’s population is infected with a strange disease from a virus mutated by the Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI) strain. No one knows the cause of this strain, but they only grow from a bag fungus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has failed to develop a vaccine to cure diseases and prevent catastrophic destruction. The US government has issued military orders across the United States.

Accordingly, the government will set up quarantine zones in cities, residents must not leave the area and will be checked periodically. Anyone who is at risk of becoming infected will be killed, and people will be provided with basic supplies according to government regulations.

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Boston Isolation Area

Today was a summer day; Joel woke up after experiencing a nightmare. It has been 20 years, but he’s still unrelenting if he robbed his beloved daughter. Joel lives in the Boston quarantine area, where he has a side job of smuggling. He has a way to sneak out of the city without anyone knowing to sell goods to other residential areas outside the quarantine area. He traded everything, from necessary supplies to weapons. He had a colleague, a woman named Tess, both of whom worked well together. Tess is the trader, Joel is the guarantor.

Today, Tess returned from a “business trip”, when he arrived in Joel noticed a wound on Tess’s face. Tess tells him that two thugs robbed her on the way back, but she was lucky to escape and learned that these two thugs were Robert’s men. Robert, who owes Joel and Tess many weapons and is hiding two people, Tess tells Joel that Robert is hiding at an old warehouse in Section 5. Both set out to pay this debt with Robert.

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There is little information about Tess. No one knows where she came from, only that after the disaster, Tess lived in the isolated area of Boston in Division 4. Here she met Joel and the two combined. A pair of cards. Tess has a close relationship with the brothers in Boston; when combined with Joel, the duo became notorious for the cruelty and is respected by the brothers and sisters in Boston.

The two followed the familiar underground path to escape the city, passing through a temporary shelter built by residents abandoned by the government, so they reached where Robert was hiding. After a fierce gun battle, Joel and Tess also cornered Robert in the corner. Robert now confesses that he sold Joel and Tess to the Fireflies.

Too angry over the news he received, Tess ended Robert, both of whom decided to look for Fireflies’ members to make the case. Just about to return, a woman named Marlene appeared. Marlene is the leader of Fireflies. She suggests to Joel and Tess that if the two can help Fireflies “smuggle” an item out of the quarantine, Marlene will return the weapons to them simultaneously. Will pay twice as many weapons as a reward if the trot is unsuccessful. The two reluctantly followed Marlene back to the quarantine area to examine the goods and weapons.

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Marlene & Ellie

However, when the three arrived at Marlene’s place, Joel and Tess learned that it turned out that the “item” Marlene had requested a 14-year-old girl named Ellie. Marlene suggests separating the group. She goes with Tess to get the weapons, Ellie goes with Joel home, they meet at the sewer outside the city in the evening.

At first, neither Joel nor Ellie agreed with this, but when Marlene convinced Ellie that Joel and brother of Tommy, a former member of Fireflies, Ellie decided to follow Joel.