Trent can be considered as the main director for the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation from the shadows, even manipulating the life and death of Albert Wesker.

If you are a “hardcore” fan of the Resident Evil series, then you probably already know this name. In fact, this Trent character has never appeared in the Resident Evil series but is one of the characters mentioned in the novel of the same name and plays an important role in the Resident Evil plot.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

The novel Resident Evil 7 books by writer SD Perry

The novel series titled Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy written by writer SD Perry was released the first episode of the same year with the second game of the Resident Evil series. For that reason, it’s easy for us to realize that it’s not an original novel series from which to turn into a game. The truth is exactly the opposite, after Capcom was so successful, they wanted to promote strongly for the upcoming part 2, so they hired a publisher to write a novel about the world of Resident Evil. The novel consists of 7 parts with content covering events from Resident Evil 0 to Code: Veronica . Of course, there are many things, characters mentioned in the novel were dropped by Capcom in the game or added by the author to make a strong bridge between the parts and Trent is one of them.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

In addition to Resident Evil, author SD Perry also writes novels about Alien, Star Trek

This person is described by SD Perry as someone who cannot judge whether it is righteous or evil. He himself is an extremely intelligent and calculating act. His plan was always to indirectly influence factions like a chessboard so that eventually his goal would be achieved without anyone knowing his involvement in the things involved. Trent can be considered defying tricks and working only for the purpose, his own principles rather than towards good or evil. It can be considered as a similar personality as Hoang Duoc Su in Kim Dung’s story.

Special background and deep feud

Actually “Trent” is just a nickname, his real name is Victor Darius. Trent’s parents were Mr. James Trenton Darius and Ms. Helen Black, the couple and a “naive” researcher working for the Umbrella Corporation.

Called “naive” because they are really genuine scientific researchers hired by Umbrella to research applications of medical medicine exactly as the cover of the pharmaceutical company that this corporation set up. The Darius couple did not know about the contents of Umbrella and the dark attempts of the board of directors.

They applied Umbrella’s technology (which may even include T-Virus literature without knowing it) to create a compound that miraculously repair cell tissue. This research was initially successful and opened the opportunity to save many lives with extremely severe wounds that can recover quickly from this compound. The couple submitted this project report to the board of directors for further study.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

Umbrella used medical as a cover to cover the study of biological weapons

However, Umbrella executives feared that if this project was successful, they would lose a great deal because it would basically be a medicine that people would not need tons of other medicines to recover. In other words, if a person is healthy, the drug will be sold alone. That’s why the Umbrella executives quietly handed over these documents to another promising young talent and “have a more appropriate vision” for them: William Birkin. Promised, talented and following the dark ways of Umbrella, William quickly became the candidate to replace the Darius couple.

To handle all the problems at once, Umbrella “arranges” a fire accident. Darius and his wife and three researchers under the authority were burned to death, which led to all the troubles that Umbrella needed to conceal and William automatically stepped up to the senior position to replace the recently deceased personnel. Everything is fine except that Umbrella did not know (or was too careless to forget) Victor Darius, the son of the couple Darius was sent to boarding school during the accident.

Knowing the incident related to his family, Victor raised vows to take revenge and began to make his ultimate plan from the school chair.

The ultimate plan and a hidden monster with the alias Trent

As a man with nothing and nothing in his hand for revenge, Victor spent years planning and preparing everything for one final goal: to destroy the Umbrella Corporation. He spent years silently researching things to know, practicing the skills he needed, forming relationships that would help him later. Victor also began to destroy his old identity to avoid revealing the past and create a new identity with the name Trent taken from the middle name in his father’s name.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

In revenge, Trent became a cold-hearted, quiet, and cunning man

After graduating, Trent used his relationships, logical impact, talent and intelligence to get attention for Umbrella. He was recruited into the corporation and quickly received the trust of senior officials in the board of directors. Trent was later used as a “problem solver” to handle classified work and, of course, was not clean for the corporation. The intelligence, decisiveness, cold-hearted, cunning and know how to solve the difficult situation that he used to deal with Umbrella is now used to serve the corporation to advance higher.

After working in a position that could be terminated at any time, Trent climbed to the top of the group and became an important executive in the Umbrella board of directors. From here, a new phase of the plan is implemented. Trent silently and very carefully provided information to many sides in order to prepare for the collapse of the corporation he was working on.

Jill is the beginning

In the novel, Jill Valentine appears at the beginning when she is going to an emergency meeting convened by STARS. Their Bravo team was dispatched to investigate the killings on the Arklay Mountains but lost contact. Jill herself originally wanted to finish this case quickly because of the victims of the case, there were two children she loved. Trent mysteriously appears in the changing room to meet Jill privately and gives her the file of an old mansion located on the Arklay Range and some related names. The fact that he could enter the changing room of the Raccoon police station task force was enough to see just how high his abilities were.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

Information about the mansion was revealed by Trent to Jill from the beginning

During this time, Trent also silently “changed sides” when shaking hands with “The Agency” – a secret organization including a number of companies competing with Umbrella. After realizing the incredible potential of Albert Wesker, he personally came to rescue this traitor captain before the mansion on Mount Arklay exploded at the end of Resident Evil 1.

Convincing Wesker to work for The Agency, Trent arranged for Wesker (now quite badly injured) to be treated and his body supported to receive good T-virus should be greatly enhanced. This was later shown by Wesker in the Resident Evil Code X Veronica. Although he never admitted it publicly, Wesker was very cautious about Trent because of his terrifying ability.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

Wesker is a powerful card for Trent’s goal of defeating Umbrella

After the novel ended, the Umbrella Corporation collapsed, and the big plan was successful, Trent continued to work silently as a partner of The Agency and there was no further information about him later.

With Capcom continuing to develop the Resident Evil series from Code X Veronica and then the reboot effort from Resident Evil 7, we can hope to meet Trent in the game one day. Maybe he will play a certain final boss, or more appropriately, a hidden NPC that holds a mysterious element like G-Man in Half-Life.