Joel and Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us plot begins with many events and losses chasing them until the end.

In part 2 of The Last of Us storyline, we learn why humanity has perished and understood why Joel and Ellie met. The story of Summer is a sad and sad story to the most emotional of the game. Let’s go to Game with the end of the long story of this super product.

Chapter 2: Lower (continued)

Joel and Ellie split up with Tess and Marlene to return to Joel’s home. On the way, Ellie told Joel about her, the girl born after the disaster in Boston’s isolated area. She knew very little about the world before the outbreak. Ellie’s mother was Marlene’s friend, and before she died, she entrusted Ellie to Marlene to take care of.

The two arrived at Joel’s house and waited until nightfall when Tess returned and confirmed to Joel the amount of weapons Fireflies promised them. The three escaped the city, but when they arrived at the meeting point at the Capitol building outside the city, they were suddenly ambushed by two men from the army. The three were captured and examined for illness, but when the soldier was about to sweep Ellie’s body heat, the girl suddenly attacked him with a folding knife. Joel and Tess took this opportunity to defeat the two soldiers, and both. 2 found out that Ellie was infected. At this time, Ellie confessed that she had been bitten three weeks ago, and the strange thing was that the disease did not progress as it had grown on other hosts before.

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The three quickly escaped from the gathering place after being pursued by the army. After escaping from that place, Ellie informed that Marlene and Fireflies claimed it was a miracle to find a cure for patients’ species. That’s why Fireflies wants to move Ellie to his headquarters for further research. Tess believed Ellie and persuaded Joel to continue the journey. The three continue to move to the Capitol building. On their way, they encounter dozens of monsters, Tess and Joel get lost.

When they met again and arrived at the gathering area, Tess and Joel found out that the army wiped out the entire team of Fireflies and that the army could come in at any time. Annoyed by what is happening, Joel wants to end this and return to the quarantine. But Tess begs Joel to take Ellie to meet Tommy because Tess believes that Tommy has a way to contact Fireflies. At the same time, Tess also told Joel she had been bitten and infected. Ellie was her last hope. Tess vowed to stay, holding the army to Joel and Ellie to escape.

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Tess vows to sacrifice for Joel and Ellie to escape from the army’s pursuit.

Heartbroken by Tess’s decision, Joel continued on his journey with Ellie, where Tess’s fate was decided. She sacrificed herself to spend some time for Joel and Ellie to escape. Eventually, they also escaped the raid of the army. To continue the journey, Joel led Ellie to meet his old acquaintance Bill, who lives in Lincoln’s nearby town, hoping that Bill will provide them with a car to shorten the journey to where he lives Tommy.

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Bill is an acquaintance of Joel and Tess, he has a partner, Frank living in the town of Lincoln, but the city is gradually invaded by the Infection Group, which is why Frank leaves Bill away. To survive, Bill was forced to set many traps such as mines, countermeasures… According to the story’s progress, Bill has owed Tess and Joel many times.

When they arrived and found Bill, Bill told Joel they had to go to the nearby school district to get a car battery because the car Bill currently needed batteries to start. Arriving at the school, the group finds that the battery has no wings. They had to fight bloodthirsty monsters to escape the school, where Joel first encountered a Bloater.

After defeating the monsters, Bill, Joel, and Ellie ran to shelter in a nearby house. In desperation of not knowing what to do next, Joel saw a dead body hanging on the floor, which turned out to be Frank, Bill’s former partner. Frank became infected, so he took care of himself. Close. Frank left a message for Bill and a car in the back garden. After checking the car, Bill determined the car could run but needed to start. All three tried to start the car by letting the car move freely from the high hill down. After starting the car, Joel drove Bill to his residence and continued his journey.

On the way, they encountered a group of hunters (hunters) in Pittsburgh, which caused the two to abandon the moving vehicle and fight the aggressive hunters. Here Joel also told Ellie that he had lost time and was one of the hunters, and Joel also allowed Ellie to use guns to support herself in times of need.

The two fight against the hunter group and escape from the city. They meet the brothers Henry and Sam, who accidentally strayed to Pittsburgh and want to escape this area in the city. They work together, but while deciding and being chased by the Hunter, Henry abandoned Joel and Ellie.

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Henry & Sam

They were driven to a suspension bridge, where Joel and Ellie escaped and jumped into the sea and lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness, it was surprising that the person who saved them was the Henry brothers. After reaching an agreement on cooperation on the move, all 4 of them continued on the road. They cross an old mine, where Joel and Ellie are separated. Ellie accompanies Henry and Joel, leading Sam out of a tunnel full of Stalker monsters. Upon exiting the underground bunker, Joel had to fight the hunters’ group, ambushing them along the way. All four men teamed up to defeat the team of hunters and camp overnight in a nearby area.

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Henry killed himself

At this point, young Sam was bitten by a monster, but Sam hid this. After one night, Sam was transformed, he attacked Ellie, but Henry promptly shot down to rescue Ellie. Regret for killing his brother Henry killed himself. The gunshot of Henry’s heart also ended the summer journey full of Joel and Ellie’s loss.