The good news is that Jill can now take a knife to slaughter the city alone. The bad news is that the monster Nemesis is now ten times more annoying in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

The free demo version of Resident Evil 3 Remake has just been released a few hours ago, and of course, the Game does not ignore the opportunity to experience it. Generally, with more than 20 minutes of the demo, we have known the basic gameplay and changes innovation in the game. The promising Resident Evil 3 Remake will likely be as successful as version 2.

This demo occurs when Jill meets with Carlos and Mikhail’s group, trying to restart the subway. It is time to leave the police headquarters to go down to Downtown and search for the battery. Jill’s image is, of course, quite different from the original. Still, her hourglass figure remains intact and a significantly improved chest. Unfortunately, the demo does not have one old booty skin.

Carlos was similar when the sassy little guy with 5 to 5 split hairs in the old version now grew a shaggy beard and the youthful and fatherly speech he made even though he talked over the radio. However, Jill is still very gracious to visit her father. His father did not miss a sentence. Compared to the previous remake, the Resident Evil 3 Remake cast has a much more significant change. People will expect Carlos to do something unique, not disappear like the last.

Trải nghiệm Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo: Jill nâng cấp thành đả nữ siêu cấp

The most important part is the fighting mechanism. There is good news for those who are fans of the Knife boss game in Resident Evil 3. That is the legendary dagger of Jill has returned, and this time, it has durability. Eternally, it’s not like a third-class aluminum object cuts a few scratches like Resident Evil 2. Of course, one of them loses the other. Now you can no longer do the trick of pushing Zombie out by inserting a knife into its chest.

This new knife does many things. It helps us save many bullets by shooting lame zombies, then rushing around to go back and “cure hemorrhoids” for it to death with knives. Another critical point is Jill’s close-range dodging mechanism. Surely everyone remembers the original, so we can push the Zombie push-button when they are about to bite. Resident Evil 3 Remake Take it back and upgrade it a bit.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo: Jill nâng cấp thành đả nữ siêu cấp

Now Jill can glide a short way in any direction, and if you watch when Zombie is popping up, Jill will turn around to avoid him and slow downtime. If you are using a knife, then Jill comes back. Give that idiot another shot. Speaking of which, the people should understand, but the game of holding a knife to kill thousands of things can be used in this Resident Evil 3 Remake. I couldn’t be more excited about the video demonstrating how to use a knife to cut garbage bags from the Resident Evil series fans.

Of course, I do not recommend this much because you need to have big hands to dodge the attack accurately, move the knife and choose the angle. After all, if Zombie pounced from the bottom up or is not in the camera, do not avoid it. The damage of knives in Resident Evil 3 Remake has been dramatically reduced, so do not think there is a 120 FPS trick to onion bosses like part 2. Capcom already counted.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo: Jill nâng cấp thành đả nữ siêu cấp

But there must still be some people wondering what about the rain brother, Nemesis’ trash bag? Well, the good news is that you can entirely Knife boss as long as your hands are big enough to dodge the Tyrant’s punches. The bad news is that Nemesis is now taking weight gain pills when he is about 3 meters tall and has an arm span of 1/3 screen length. Nemesis would continually use her tentacles to keep Jill’s foot in the air and pound like a pound of rice, one of which lacked the right to fly half a tree of standard difficulty.

Significantly, the frequency of Nemesis’ appearance is now more miserable. Instead of splitting into segments like the old version, Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake can jump out from wherever possible. He can break. If the wall comes out, the toad needs notice. The level of terror of this monster is too brutal. It is more challenging than leeches when I ran to want half of the city to be chased closely in the demo. Finally, the sad news, you can shoot Nemesis temporarily, but he does not drop items to upgrade as the original one.

Zombie hordes generally do not change anything in Resident Evil 3 Remake because it still uses Re Engine. Hence, their appearance is similar to that of version 2 (except the shirt’s color). Because Jill learns the close-range avoidance game, the number of zombies in the game is greatly increased. Usually, there will be 2 to 3 animals close together to avoid you doing the spam dodging game continuously without firing.

We have a new Zombie strain that Nemesis “spawned” by wrapping tentacles on standard Zombie heads. These will have a new “head” full of sharp teeth accompanied by speed, and power buffalo increased significantly, wildly it also sprouted for the long-range attack.

Another new Resident Evil 3 Remake is that it now has a Japanese voiceover, but the Game judges this a bit redundant because the original English dub is excellent and highlights the quality. The regional accent of each character (Carlos is a Latin American bastard and Mikhail is Russian). Moreover, since the original Resident Evil 3 Remake is in English, the character’s mouth movements turning to Japanese don’t look weird.

Trải nghiệm Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo: Jill nâng cấp thành đả nữ siêu cấp

Overall, the things in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo are quite good, from the characters, the gameplay design, and the improvements are all precious. It ensures the retention of the old values but is more innovative. Resident Evil 3 Remake will be officially launched on April 3, on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.