Mold is a biological weapon in the Resident Evil 7 storyline, formed from an E-Type individual into a special population to control and mutate creatures.

In the Resident Evil 7 story , Mold is part of the research project of The Connections – a criminal corporation that had an affair with Albert Wesker, to create new types of BOWs that are adaptable in the normal community. . Mold is not considered a virus, it is like a parasite to brainwash creatures, making them slaves to the “mother” of this population – Eveline or E-001 prototype.

Resident Evil: The Birth and Character of the Hunter – Umbrella Hunter Unlike Tyrant, who is well-researched and carefully invested, Hunter is a mass-produced weapon to hunt down prey in the Resident Evil plot. .

The Mold or The Mold in the Resident Evil 7 storyline is the black slime that grows in the Baker family’s home, which is the main reason why the family members become so crazy and later disappear. changed into weird living things or even monsters. The Mold was first researched in 2000 by The Connections to make biological weapons, reports of its brainwashing effects could turn enemies into slaves, as well as the long development period that made for Mold is not as well known as other Umbrella viruses.

To be able to form the Mold network as we see in the Resident Evil 7 plot, first a “mother” is needed to infect. These are called E-Type, they are created by implanting Mold cells into human embryos and then culturing them between 38 and 40 weeks of age, to ensure the integration into the environment. These E-Type have a female gender, as well as the modified age of a child around 9 to 10 years old.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 7: Nấm Mold và “gia đình” của Eveline

Eveline – Unique E-Type created perfectly

This E-Type has a lot of special abilities, such as infecting Mold-like spores as well as brainwaves that kill the humans near it. A Mold-infected creature will have constant hallucination images of E-Type (Resident Evil 7’s storyline Eveline) with regular frequency, hear sounds such as talk, whisper and feel. It feels like E-Type is around me (but actually not).

This led to the fact that infected objects became crazy, aggressive and behave differently like in the case of the Baker family, who obeyed E-Type and lost control of themselves. again.

When an ill person is infected with The Mold, the cells will gradually use the same nutrients in their body to nourish the cell, eventually taking control of the host. The effect of this continuous metabolism is that the host will have extremely high regenerative ability and resistance to physical attacks, in order to do this Mold spores release a large amount of enzymes throughout. body networks, forcing cells to function at breakneck frequency to treat injuries. Depending on the host, the ability of Mold works differently, as in the Resident Evil 7 storyline, it can be seen that Jack Baker seems to be able to recreate the body stronger than many other hosts.

Resident Evil 7

The Baker family in Resident Evil 7

Once the Mold spores have migrated to the brain, the host will begin to connect the mind directly to the E-Type mother, including the appearance of hallucinations, voices and images from the “mother”. ” its. This destroys the mind of the host, it begins to become unreasonably aggressive, doing things that are not in the daily morality (in the Resident Evil 7 story, the Baker family is a cannibal. ), self-destruction and ultimately loss of perception. Of course with the side effects of Mold, the host is also enhanced all 5 senses, significant mutant intelligence comes with many other strange abilities as in the case of Mia or Baker.

The final stage is when the host takes damage so severe that its stem cells are no longer able to repair themselves as Baker was sliced off his upper body and Lucas was shot in the head. At this point The Mold will begin the process of occupying all the remaining cells, causing the host body to no longer retain the human form and begin mutating into a completely different life form. We can see these final appearances appear in bosses in the Resident Evil 7 or Eveline storyline at the end of the game.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 7: Nấm Mold và “gia đình” của Eveline

Lucas when the last mutation

The Mold also has the ability to “revive” a dead host almost like the T-Virus, but unlike viruses, Mold will “eat” the corpse to turn it into a new life form as a parasite, working at will. E-Type child to protect. When a corpse dies near the Mold’s nest, the spores will come forward to swallow the corpse and turn it into something called a Molder or understandably a human skeleton surrounded by Mold mushroom.

On rare occasions, Moldes can assemble themselves into Molder shapes without the need for corpses, which can be considered to be similar to Leech Man (a collection of leeches infected with T-Virus fusion). together, using human corpses as a means of transportation). Molder retains the shape of the living but has the Mold’s characteristic black skin, with the bone and viscous structure exposed to the outside during Mold feeding the host.

Molder’s head is pulled together when there are no eye sockets or nose, sometimes you can also take the inner iris while its mouth is opened, because it falls down during Mold spores invade the body. The large, jagged mouth can open to a great extent to grab its prey, Molder’s hands have long claws used to attack or infect Mold spores on the target, due to the dead body. molded by Mold spores, Molder’s joints are extremely flexible because they no longer have a spine, allowing the head or limbs to extend outward.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 7: Nấm Mold và “gia đình” của Eveline

A Molder in the Resident Evil 7 storyline

As a corpse that was completely eaten by Mold, Molder’s stamina surpassed that of ordinary Mold-infected humans, their outer black mucous membranes acted as natural armor to defend. or reduce concussion when under attack. Since Molder was originally a corpse and what controlled it was Mold fungus, it was useless to shoot Molder in the head. All parts of Molder from organs, body fluids to bone structure can be regenerated, but if the damage is beyond the level of tolerance, it will not be able to regrow and explode.

Molder’s intelligence is sadly extremely poor, they can’t even communicate with each other but only recognize non-human creatures thanks to the senses of the Mold.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil – Trent: Kẻ giấu mặt tối thượng mà cả Wesker cũng phải sợ

The plot of Resident Evil – Trent: The ultimate hidden face that even Wesker must be afraid Can be considered as the main director for the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation from the shadows, even manipulating the life and death of Albert Wesker .

Of course Molder also has some certain characteristics such as walking in groups, orienting through obstructing objects but Molder is not able to use objects, as well as meeting a locked door, these monsters. either choose to smash it out or maybe lose its prey.

The process of turning corpses into Molder can be prevented if someone cuts off infected parts, to avoid the whole body being eaten by Mold. In the Resident Evil 7 storyline there is also another white Molder that later Chris Redfield clashes, they are called Fumer with more durability and perfect reproduction than Molder, because this is a research product of The Connections .

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 7: Nấm Mold và “gia đình” của Eveline

A Fumer

The only cure for a person with a Mold infection is to use serum prepared from a body fluid sample of an E-Type, which will create a solution capable of destroying all Mold cells in the body. infection, however, if the host has entered the final stage it will not work. The reason for this is that in the final stage when all cells are infected with Mold, the injection of serum is no different from destroying the body, especially when the host’s brain is also infected, so this is almost is to destroy more than cure.

In Eveline’s case, what used to kill her was Necrotoxin – a special solution used to eliminate E-Type, just a small amount injected into the body is enough to kill immediately. But when Ethan injects this into Eveline, instead of killing it turns her into a new life form, when the Mold cells in the human self fuse together into a unified whole.

In fact, it seems that Necrotoxin is not a toxin that affects cells, but it causes terrible painful muscles for E-Type individuals leading to anaphylactic shock and death. However, in the case of Eveline in the story of Resident Evil 7, although it also suffered a terrorist pain, it accidentally caused the cells in Evelie to transform and transform into a lower life form, rather than maintain it. Human condition, according to someone, this could be considered as “killing” E-Type.

Eveline sau khi biến hình thành dạng cuối cùng

Eveline after transforming into its final form

However, compared to other viruses and BOWs in the Resident Evil plot, Mold does not seem as famous or attractive as it is because it is quite similar to this part 7 which almost deviates from the the whole series.