The story of Devil May Cry 5 can be considered as Vergil’s revenge journey when he climbed from hell to the ground to once again beat Dante.

In the last part of the Devil May Cry 5 story, we have a rough idea of the series’s timeline and the events that happened before part 5, and why Vergil does not often appear (being imprisoned. in hell). Five years after Dante and Nero parted ways in season 4, Nero has become a professional demon hunter and roams around to destroy the human world’s remaining demons.

On an ordinary afternoon when Nero was at home repairing a toy, suddenly a stranger in a hooded suitcase came to him. Before Nero could even know who this uninvited guest was, he had been attacked first. Nero was still collapsed despite his demon blood’s power, and the demon’s arm was broken. Nero’s demon arm is another form of the Yamato sword. When it is cut down, Yamato also returns to his original state. This stranger uses Yamato to cut off space and go through it to disappear, leaving Nero lying there. Unconscious with the right arm was taken.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.2

Nero has severed his demon arm.

While Nero was unconscious, the world had a major change. A giant tree from the ground suddenly emerged and spread everywhere. Anyone hit by its branches will be drained of blood and turned into stone statues, causing serious terror to the people. This tree slowly enlarged with every drop of blood it sucked, gradually forming a giant nest that burst into the sky.

The tree in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline is called Qliphoth, a specific tree of Hell. Every few thousand years, Qliphoth will bear fruit, and any demon who has the opportunity to eat it will possess extraordinary power. The lucky one who owned the nearest Qliphoth was Mundus. Thanks to which he became the lord of Hell after Sparda sealed the gates of Hell, Qliphoth could no longer take nutrients. They could not bear fruit. Despite growing in Hell, Qliphoth’s branch will emerge upwards to obtain nutrients. When fully developed, Qliphoth can unite the two worlds of humans and Hell.

In the Devil May Cry 5 plot, it is unclear why Qliphoth may regrow, possibly because Sparda’s seal has weakened and the gates of hell are opened. The one who made Qliphoth develop was Urizen (the main villain in DMC 5). He wanted this tree to eat human blood to produce results once again, thereby devouring its ultimate power.

cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5

Qliphoth tree in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline

So, who is Urizen in the Devil May Cry 5 story, and why is he acting as the main villain, this one? We need to go back a bit, exactly before the events in the game occur? After many years of being imprisoned by Mundus in hell, Vergil finally escaped and regained his freedom. Although Vergil’s body was fragile at the time and the legacy of hundreds of battles in Hell, he could still find the Yamato sword’s signal (now in the form of an arm). The next thing we all know, Vergil comes to Nero and uses his power to cut off the demon’s arm to get back Yamato – it should be noted that Vergil still does not know that Nero is his son now.

Vergil then returned to his childhood home, which was a pile of ashes when their family was attacked by devils when he was young. Vergil himself is hated by his emotions and yearns for an absolute power to defeat Dante and all the other enemies. In the story of Devil May Cry 5, Vergil thinks that only a pure demon, no longer burdened by human emotions, can obtain the ultimate power. He used the Yamato stick to pierce himself, splitting his demonic and human parts in two, from which Urizen (representing the demon) and V (meaning the human) appeared. It seems that the name Vergil no longer exists.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.2

Vergil used Yamato to separate the two.

V – in other words, the part of Vergil’s human being was abandoned by Urizen when he sought power from the Qliphoth tree when there was no more evil power. V’s human being was fragile. Almost There is no special power at all. The bigger problem is that V will slowly degenerate over time until, at some point, this being completely dissolved. The only way to prevent it is that V must merge with Urizen. Fortunately for V is a bit of the evil power from Vergil remains. They transform into subordinates for V – in the demons’ form when Vergil was still fighting Mundus are Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare.

V goes to Dante’s shop and talks about the revival of a mighty demon in the city of Red Grave, and it is related to Vergil. Now that the Qliphoth tree has grown huge and Urizen is inside it, V himself wants to stop Urizen before fully holding power. To make sure that V went to visit Nero, it was revealed that the one who cut off his demon arm was Urizen and asked the two to join forces to stop him. Although Nero still suspected V, since both had the same goal, he agreed to help.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.2

V when meeting Dante in the story Devil May Cry 5

To replace the severed demon arm, Nero used the mechanical arms made by Nico – a wandering weapon mechanic, the granddaughter of Nell Goldstein (who made 2 Ebony & Ivory guns by Dante). When V and Nero went to the Red Grave City and entered Qliphoth, they realized that Dante was already fighting Urizen. V warned Nero that they could not fight Urizen with their current power because he had just breathed. Nero’s demon arm. Even so, Nero and V still went to help Dante, but all could not hurt Urizen.

Dante eventually transforms himself and rushes to hold Urizen while ordering V to drag Nero away from the place, things get worse when Dante is knocked away, and V and Nero have to run away. Dante is buried in unknown ruins. According to Devil May Cry 5, V and Nero met again to plan to solve the Qliphoth tree, Nero thought it was necessary to save Dante immediately, but V said the plan was better than cutting off. The roots of Qliphoth before, because maybe Dante has become the food of this tree already.

Nero and V then split up, splitting them into two lines to cut off the Qliphoth roots. Trish and Lady had previously disappeared with Dante when the three of them went together for the first time when they encountered Urizen. As Nero walks up, he meets a monster with six wings flying in the sky, and when he defeats it, Nero realizes that this is a cocoon containing a host, and Lady is locked inside. When Nero brought Lady back to Nico to revive her, but unfortunately, Lady could not remember anything about the time she was locked up.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.2

Nero rescues Lady

As for V, his goal is to search for the place where Dante is missing, and V finally finds Dante lying in ruins below. Thinking that he could not wake Dante by normal means, V took the Sparda sword and was about to pierce Dante’s chest, at which point the legendary demon hunter woke up. V then recounts that Dante has been unconscious for a month and the current situation, V thinks that Dante is hard to beat Urizen alone and Nero is in the state that is not the strongest when losing power from demon arm.

V and Dante then break up on how Dante meets a Cavaliere Angelo and defeats it to reveal Trish inside (like Lady’s case), but Dante doesn’t have time to take care of Trish immediately. Leaving her for V now has just appeared to take over. After Trish wakes up, V tells her about her true identity and why Urizen was born. Like Dante, V is distracted by Trish’s image (in the Devil May Cry 5 story, Trish is like their mother Eva) distracted and wonders if Dante can help himself redeem himself.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.2

V tells Trish about his origins.

As for Dante, he also returned to his old house and recalled the first time he awoke to the power of the devil when Vergil stabbed the Rebellion into his chest. Dante wondered why he was given the Rebellion, not Yamato. Finally, Dante realized that the Rebellion’s true power was “reuniting” rather than “splitting” like Yamato. Dante decided to stab the Rebellion into his chest, causing it to evolve once again into the Devil Sword Dante. Awakening myself, the ultimate power of the blood of demons in me.

Returning to Nero, he single-handedly went back to his old room during the battle with Urizen earlier at the beginning of the Devil May Cry 5. But no matter how hard he tried, everything Nero could do was Do cut a small crack on Urizen’s palm, Urizen beat Nero, and at the last moment, Dante suddenly appears in a new form. With the power of the ultimate demonic form, Dante has sent Urizen to run away.

At this time, the Qliphoth tree also grows into an adult form. It ultimately emerges from the underground to the human world. Nero then reunites with V and Dante to discuss the next plan. V suggests that the three should go together, but Dante refuses to believe that Nero is only a burden. While the three were arguing, Dante left first because he worried Nero when he lost his power. It would be too dangerous for Nero to fight Urizen.

Nero, V và Dante gặp lại nhau

Nero, V, and Dante meet again in the story Devil May Cry 5